Product Application

  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Polymers
  • Food Grains & Flour
  • Sugar
  • Packing of Vegetables & Fruits

Welcome to Brocade India

BROCADE INDIA POLYTEX LIMITED is a public limited company proposed to be setup for manufacturing HDPE & PP woven fabrics and sacks. Synthetic Woven Sacks made from HDPE or PP are one of the bulk packaging materials presently being used for packaging of bulk commodities like cement, fertilizers, sugar, salt, chemicals, wheat & rice flour, starch, poultry products, bulk drugs etc..

Some of the newer applications of woven sacks are Geo-synthetic, postal/mail bags, tea packaging etc. High density polyethylene and Poly propylene woven sacks have become a versatile commodity in the packaging industry introduced for the first time in India during the year 1969 it has over the years replaced the conventional jute bags to a large extent.

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